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Rolls-Royce and Bentley in Africa

Having been born in Southern Africa and with my interest in the magnificent automobiles built by Rolls-Royce and Bentley, it was inevitable that I would start researching these cars that have been owned in Africa, be it as a new car or a later import.

I initially started working on cars owned in South Africa and Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), as I was then living in South Africa. However once I had moved to England, I spoke to other Rolls-Royce and Bentley authors and researchers, who suggested that to make the research more marketable (should I ever get around to publishing), I should look at cars owned on the African continent.

You might think that this seems a bit ambitious (which it is) and that surely there cannot have been many cars owned in other countries in Africa. Well I initially thought the same, but was quite surprised when I started digging. My records now show something like 1100 cars that are or have been owned in Africa. This is based on identified cars (i.e. I have managed to find out the chassis number of the car, it does not include unidentified cars and obviously there are many more unknown cars.

Quite a number of cars were delivered new after World War II, to countries such as South Africa, Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria and to British Colonies of the time. Even pre war, Egypt and South Africa had quite a number of orders for new cars (mostly Rolls-Royce).

Elsewhere on this website can be found examples of a few articles I have written based on my research.

I would like to ask any viewers, who might own, have information on or more importantly photographs of Rolls-Royce or Bentley that have been owned in Africa to please contact me on wkennerley(at)yahoo.com

I have given an example of a write up below as a guide to the information I am after. Whereas other books on Rolls-Royce and Bentley, might show the year of manufacture, chassis and engine numbers, coachbuilder and body style and possibly the original owner. I am trying to show the histories of each car. This is not only of interest to current owners, but it will be a reference for future owners. It is incredible how many current owners of these cars have been passed-on little or no information on their cars’ history.

1948*    Ch. B108CF, Eng. B54C. Standard steel saloon, body no. 1606. Mistletoe green with tan hide. Shipped per SS 'Warwick Castle' on 12.02.48. Delivered in March 1948 to Sir Michael B.G. Oppenheimer Bt. Of Johannesburg, South Africa, through Stanley Motors Ltd of Eloff Street. By February 1962, the car was owned by Dr. L.G.R. Van Dongen. Purchased by Grosvenor Motors in December 1964, and sold to Mr. Ralph S. Parrott of Johannesburg in February 1965. Mr. Parrott then sold the car in August 1967 to Grosvenor Motors, who in October 1967 sold it to Mr. Edward Askew.  Car re-sprayed in July 1968, and sold to Mr. Don Ogilvy from Ogilvy and Sims in September 1968. Sold to Mr. Tom R. Robson for R2000 in February 1972. After Mr. Robson passed away, the car was offered for sale on the Piston Ring Website in April 2001 (through The Internet Motor Company). Sold to Mr. Umberto De Stefanis, Johannesburg in 2001. Acquired by KC Saayman in July 2004, known as ‘Lloyd’. Reg. No.’s: TJ-60697/SAF, TJ-78075/SAF, LLJ-373-GP/SAF. Ref./photo: BDC/63 + 66; BNoik; R70/251.

Thank you to KC for allowing me to put this request on his website.

Wayne M. Kennerley
Wales - 2006