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Suikerbosrand picnic
March 2006

Meeting for an early morning start at a local garage,
enjoying coffee and muffins.

The cars attracted a lot of attention, even from the authorities! But fortunately their interest had nothing to do with law-enforcement...

"Hey, where am I supposed to sit?"
Gentleman, start your engines!

We caused quite a spectacle on the highway and received many friendly waves from other motorists.

Once out on the country roads the WO owners decided to "stretch their legs" a bit,
sounding like a squadron of Spitfires as they came blasting past us! Wonderful!

More cars joined us at the entrance to Suikerbosrand.

"OK chaps, which way do we go?!"

The Suikerbosrand Nature reserve has a 66 km circular route with a picnic spot located halfway.

Tony in his 4.5-litre Bentley
Clive and Dorea in their 1931 8-litre Bentley

Graham and Ali's recently restored 1963 Cloud III

Adrian and Evelyn in their 1947 Bentley HJ Mulliner Saloon The Webster's 1981 Silver Spirit, gorgeous in Dunhill Red

Dave and Sandy in 1969 Silver Shadow
James and Lynn in their stunning 1953 R-Type Continental

Derek and Sheila in their 1935 3.5-litre Derby Bentley
Kevin and Lize in 1968 Silver Shadow

Ian in his 1936 Park Ward Bentley
Charles and Michelle in 1935 Phantom II

Roy and Jane in 1954/5 R-Type Bentley

1954/5 R-Type Bentley 1968 Silver Shadow

Many questions were asked and answered with
enthusiasm and pride.

Lazing under the African sky

1935 Rolls-Royce Phantom II 1948 Bentley MkVI

1947 Bentley HJ Mulliner Saloon 1936 Park Ward Bentley

1927 Bentley 3-litre Bentley 4.5-litre

1969 Silver Shadow 1967 Bentley T1

My sincere thanks to Ross Addis for providing many of the photographs

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