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Rolls-Royce Country

By Heather Formby, Financial Mail

We've heard all about the consumer boom, the retail boom and the
property boom. But have you heard about the Rolls-Royce boom?

Last year the Rolls-Royce sales office in SA came second to a dealership
in Germany in a global incentive scheme to sell Phantoms.

Though the sales office here had a target of eight, it sold 10, mostly to
business people in Johannesburg, though three were sold
to Cape Town residents.

The price of a Rolls-Royce is never disclosed as the manufacturer famously
retorts that if you need to know the price, you can't afford one.

But it's likely that you would have to have more than R4,5m before you could
think of inquiring about the Phantom's features and adapting it to
your needs - like choosing from 45 000 colours.

One of the more unusual features is the Teflon-coated umbrellas in the rear
doors, which have a drainage system when you put them back wet.

Back seats can be theatre or lounge, though lounge sounds better as
you can then fit in an entertainment system or drinks cabinet.

The Phantom has become known for its "waftability", a term coined
from a British motoring magazine where a journalist described being in
a Rolls-Royce as "the feeling of being wafted trough the countryside"

This article is reproduced with kind permission from Heather Formby and The Financial Mail
February 2006