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Potjie Brunch
Kromdraai Area, July 2005

About 22 Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiasts turned up for our breakfast run to The Potjie Pot,
a farm in the Kromdraai area about 40 km's North of Johannesburg.

As always, Dave Freeman entertained us with song and dance, once the first few cups of "coffee" started
taking effect. On the right is Graham Brown's Corniche and Allan Webster's Spirit.

The winter sun cast long interesting shadows (excuse the pun!), which made for great photo opportunities.
Seen here is KC and Jen's gold Shadow and Peter and Mizzie's blue Shadow.

Charles Trubshaw and Kevin Smith's Shadows.

While some solved technical  problems, others lazed in the sun...

A great day enjoyed with wonderful friends.

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