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Concours 2005
Johannesburg Country Club, June 2005

The Rolls-Royce and Bentley Enthusiast Club of South Africa Concours 2005 was held at the Johannesburg
Country Club in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. Pictured here (gold car on the left) is the winning car in
the Silver Shadow and Bentley T-Series category.

1948 Bentley Mk VI and 30's Derby Bentley (Concours winner in it's class)

Athol Williams with his Silver Shadow on the left, and a Cloud 3 on the right

Dave Reading's Shadow (light blue car on left) was placed third in the Shadow and T-Series category.
The green long-wheelbase car belongs to the Austrian Ambassador to South Africa

This car won the "Ladies Choice" trophy

The new Phantom, courtesy of Rolls-Royce South Africa



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