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Cars In The Park / Pietermaritzburg
  Bentley Mk VI Road Trip, May 2008

On the first day of our trip we drove from Johannesburg to our first overnight stay in The Drakensberg. The route took us via the Orange Free State with it's barren landscape and big skies. This photograph was taken at the Sterkfontein Dam on the KwaZulu-Natal / Orange Free State border.

After an early start we stopped for breakfast at Makiti, about two hours out of Johannesburg. Makiti is a roadside restaurant that resembles a group of anthills on the barren, flat Orange Free State landscape.

Pit stop in Harrismith for coffee and fuel, and then again in the mountains to enjoy the view of the majestic Sterkfontein Dam. From here the landscape changes from flat farmland to tall mountain peaks.

Arriving at our first overnight destination, The Cavern near Bergville in the heart of the Drakensberg mountains.
This picturesque cottage was our home for the evening.

Leaving The Cavern on day 2 of our trip for a short 200 km drive to our next destination, Howick.
His Royal Highness, Master Jamie comfortably strapped into his safety seat in the back of the Bentley.

On day 3 we met up with the Bentley Driver's Club at Rawdons Hotel near Nottingham Road from where we went for a drive in the Midlands followed by lunch at Chaversham Mill.

Autumn mornings in the Midlands provide breathtaking lighting conditions for photography, as is evident in this picture taken on day 4 of our trip. We had to meet the BDC guys for breakfast at Rawdons at 7am before driving in convoy to Pietermaritzburg to attend Cars In the Park, hence the early photo opportunity.

We had the honor of parking on the cricket oval at Alexandra Park, along with other marques like Mercedes, MG and Rover. The bulk of the cars were displayed in the adjoining park. The show was extremely well organised, by far the best I have attended. If you own a classic car, put this in your diary for next year! It really makes for a fantastic weekend away.

On day 5 we had to point the long bonnet homeward for the long drive home. The Bentley did not miss a beat. The old girl, celebrating her 60th this year, just ate up the miles sitting at a steady 65 mph, with plenty in reserve for overtaking slower traffic (Photo: Kevin Smith)

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