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Bentley S1 cars in South Africa (1955 to 1959)
The April 1955 launch of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud and Bentley S series marked yet another important change in the company’s strategy. For the first time the two cars were, apart from the radiator, the exact same machines. The new Silver Cloud was henceforth to be seen as the equal, in performance terms, of what had once been the “silent sports car”, while the image of the Bentley was now seen as matching that of Rolls-Royce.
In an October 1955 road test The Auto Car summed it up beautifully; “When a model is offered at such a high price the smallest detail that is not of the very highest standard must be criticized. The Bentley was all the more impressive, therefore, for proving to be remarkably free from the minor defects that are frequently overlooked by even the most thorough manufacturers. The latest Bentley model offers a degree of safety, comfort and performance that is beyond the experience and perhaps even the imagination of the majority of the world’s motorists”
The Autocar added; “The interior is utterly silent at 100mph when the windows are closed. One is conscious of the speed only by watching the speedometer or the rapid approach of the horizon, the occupants of the car conversing in drawing-room tones, marveling at the almost eerie silence”

1955 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B430AN
First owner: C.W. Coats, Southern Rhodesia

1956 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B100CK

1956 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B492CK
First owner: RC Bett, England

1956 Bentley S1
(Concours winner)
Chassis no: B199CM
First owner: LJD Phillimore, Southern Rhodesia

1956 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B433EK
First owner: Lady Oppenheimer, South Africa

1957 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B527EK
First owner: Delivered in England in October 1957
to Leon Jacobson of the Anglo-African Shipping Co. (South Africa) Ltd.

1957 / '58 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B330FA
First owner: BL Bernstein, South Africa

1958 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B446FA

1958 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B462FA
First owner: Delivered in March 1958 to C. E. S. Lockwood, South Africa

1958 Bentley S1
Chassis no: B481FD
First owner: Delivered in December 1958 to Mrs. Jane P Redrup, Southern Rhodesia