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Bentley Drivers Club - Gauteng Region
Concours D' Nonchalant 2013
Held at Chartwell Castle
Photos: Lize Smith

On Sunday 18 August, eleven Bentleys assembled at Chartwell Castle in Broadacres
near Johannesburg for the Gauteng Region’s Concours De ‘Nonchalant.

This event, as the name suggests, is a casual, fun concours event
that encourages originality above clinical pristineness,
and awards owners who use their cars regularly.

We were blessed with a stunning Highveld winters day, bright sunshine
and large blue skies. Chartwell castle is located in the countryside
just North of Johannesburg, set against a hill with lovely
views of the surrounding bushveld.

The Penny family, who owned Bentley’s in the 60’s and 70’s,
own the castle, and as luck would have it one of their cars,
a Mk VI, is now owned by one of our members.
This co-incidence presented the stage for a very emotional,
but joyous reunion. The current custodian of the Bentley
was even presented with the original key for the car!

Tea was served during the judging followed by a scrumptious lunch and prize giving.
Certificates were awarded to the winners of each period category,
as well as a Ladies Choice (selected by the Penny ladies) and
Mileage Certificate for the car that did the highest mileage since last years event.

The Penny family really went out of their way to welcome the Gauteng region
of the Bentley Drivers Club at their castle, and a good time was had by all!

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